"To promote catastrophe management professionalism within the insurance industry"

The International Society of Catastrophe Managers was established in March of 2006.   The charter of the ISCM includes the following:

  • Promote the professions of natural or man-made catastrophe manager, catastrophe modeler, natural hazard physical or social scientist, climate change/sustainability expert, risk manager, natural hazard related engineer, risk securitization expert and other related fields,  within the insurance, reinsurance, loss reduction, civil, NGO, and risk management industries. 

  • Emphasize professionalism and quality.

  • Encourage and coordinate educational and social activities within the catastrophe management profession.

  • Provide an unbiased medium for correlating scientific studies, modeling developers, and other research activity with catastrophe managers.

  • Act as a source of information pertaining to any recent developments in science, technology and the catastrophe management profession.

  • Encourage networking and interaction within the society

  • Develop an educational program 


To promote catastrophe management professionalism within the insurance industry.

The ISCM is organized around:

  • Understanding current catastrophe management issues

  • Education in the field of Catastrophe Risk Management

  • Exchange of ideas through networking among catastrophe managers

The ISCM encourages all members to post their ideas and position papers on this site.

Email the ISCM at: info@catmanagers.org